We have come a long way since we opened our doors in 2000. Mission East Dallas started in 2000 when a survey showed that about 50,000 individuals were without health insurance and a medical home. Through a donation of property, equipment and supplies, a group of concerned community members partnered with Churches and rebuilt an abandoned Nazarene Church, transforming it into a medical and dental clinic. These services were 100% free and for the poorest, neediest and uninsured individuals and families of East Dallas. During our early years, Mission East Dallas was staffed with un-paid volunteers and opened about 4 to 6 hours a week.

The demand was out‐pacing what the “Little White Clinic” could supply and the doors were barely kept open due to rising costs. The Board of Directors looked at all options and decided to pursue a Community Health Center (CHC) model. This model allows Mission East Dallas to be open a full 40 hours a week and to see many more patients.

We have never stopped, nor will we ever stop seeing the poor or indigent.
We seek to be a provider of choice for all that are looking for a medical home.

Your support plays a critical role in creating access to care and allowing Mission East Dallas to grow and serve more individuals and families!

Where we are at today is wonderful and our future is brighter than ever!

  • Averaging 180 new patients each month
  • In 2016: 6000+ unique patients on-file and 12,000+ encounters
  • $0.00 build and renovation costs (2015)
  • 5 primary care exam rooms
  • 1,375 square feet for the, “Little White Clinic” and 1,225 square feet for Administration


The future of Mission East Dallas includes the following plans:


PHASE ONE: New Dental Space (2016) – Opened on March 7, 2016

  • Located in the Broadway Square Shopping Center on Gus Thomasson Road
  • 4000 square feet
  • 10 dental exam rooms
  • Plenty of parking


PHASE TWO: New Medical and Administration Home (2018) – Second half of 2018 (GOAL)

  • Finalizing Plans to move Medical and Administration
  • 8,000 square feet to operate
  • 10 medical exam rooms
  • A community education room
  • A counseling office
  • Plenty of parking


What Mission East Dallas is asking our community members and organization for is:

  • Your prayer and encouragement.
  • Your time if you are interested in visiting for a tour of or volunteering at MED
  • Your referrals of individuals and families to MED for the treatment of medical, dental and spiritual needs
  • Your continued generosity. If you are feeling led, financial contributions in any amount.  For example:
    a. For every $25.00 donated, one of MED’s poorest patients will have their medical visit paid
    b. For every $50.00 donated, one of MED’s poorest patients will have their dental and spiritual visits paid
    c. For every $125.00 donated, one foot of MED’s existing building can be built
    d. For every $250.00 donated, one foot of MED’s new building can be built
    e. For every $500.00 donated, a designation for you/family/agency as a “Friend of MED”
    f. For every $1000.00 donated, a designation for you/family/agency as a “Mentor of MED”
    g. Gifts above $1000.00 would receive a special designation

Mission East Dallas can only achieve its goals with your support. Without your support – of any kind – serving individuals and families in our area would not be possible.

Please consider clicking the Donate button to the right of this paragraph. THANK YOU!