A Work in Progress

The Dental Team at Mission East Dallas, led by our Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Kristen Crawford-Ellis, is looking to expand from 2 dental chairs to 10! Please come visit our web-site and Facebook page for updates. Better yet: come visit Dr. Ellis and the wonderful dental team!


Capital Campaign

Mission East Dallas has initiated a capital campaign to fund the new medical and dental facilities in order to expand programs and provide help to more people.

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of those whose needs are so great, please join today in supporting the Mission East Dallas capital campaign project. For more information, please contact MED at


Volunteer Program

Volunteers were an important part of our founding and operations. Today, volunteers remain important to our day-to-day. Mission East Dallas has both Clinical and Non-Clinical volunteer opportunities. We welcome all that are interested. Please call or email us at: