Behavioral Health  

Our Behavioral Health Specialist provides mental health and psychosocial assessments, counseling for individuals and families, case management, and referrals and coordination of services to community resources. Counseling supports patients with:

  • Mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Family and relationship conflict support
  • Healing from grief and trauma
  • Managing and living with a chronic illness and chronic pain
  • Alcohol/drug abuse support and assistance
  • More

If more specialized counseling is needed, our Behavioral Health Specialist can make referrals to and connections with other community services.

Our medical team provides patients with screening for common mental health and mood disorders, and invites patients to participate in a treatment plan for conditions of mild to moderate severity. If additional support is needed, our medical staff refers patients to our Behavioral Health Specialist, who is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), or other community services.

Our Services

Medical Care

We provide primary medical care in a family practice setting. The medical center delivers a continuum of services with a focus on providing long-term care for patients’ chronic conditions, preventative health needs, and acute illness.


Mission East Dallas provides care for a wide range of dental needs. We create, with you, a custom treatment plan that fits your needs.

Behavioral Health

For our medical patients, Mission East Dallas has on-site counseling and behavioral health services. Talk to your doctor today about a referral for behavioral health support. 

Better Health Care is Our Mission

Mission East Dallas is FTCA Deemed, meaning we have the necessary policies, procedures and practices in-place to offer high-quality health care services. Because Mission East Dallas has met these standards, we are granted medical malpractice liability protection with the Federal government which acts as Mission East Dallas’ primary insurer.


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