Mission East Dallas (MED) is expanding to an additional location, Sachse. This expansion will allow for additional health support to the community, most notably a focus on pediatrics. MED believes this expansion will greatly help in the organization’s commitment to the community and mission to improve public health. 

“Sachse allows us to incorporate a pediatrician into the mix, which is greatly needed.” said Charles Wiltraut, CEO of MED. “There’s a huge need for medical care within the Sachse immediate community. We’re excited to fill some of those voids.”

MED Sachse will be a fully operational clinic. It will offer all the same services as the Mesquite location, including medical, behavioral health, and dental health; but with additional services around pediatrics. It also has the benefit of board members and a proven leadership structure already built in, allowing them to hit the ground running. 

Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Liz Juarez, will be overseeing the entire medical department. Juarez is excited about the focus on pediatrics at the new location. “We want to take care of your whole family, to understand the dynamics of your family, and help you all navigate your health” she said. 

“MED has a unique service offering where medical, counseling, and social work overlaps,” said Isabel Reynolds, who is on the board of behavioral health for the Texas Community Health Association and will be overseeing the counseling clinics at both MED locations. “Social work and counseling are a vital piece of pediatric care and we are excited to bring that same high quality mental health care to this new location.” 

Dental, including pediatric dentistry will also be a part of the new location. “We’ve seen people having a higher attention to their healthcare and they understand the importance of their health,” said Dr. Ashraf, Chief Dental Officer for MED who has taken on more of a management role for the expansion. He explained that the new Sachse location will become even more vital in MED’s commitment to public health, allowing them to expand the number of dental operatories they will have. 

MED is a nationally recognized community health center that offers award-winning healthcare in the greater Dallas area that focuses on patient-centered care, regardless of a person’s insurance or ability to pay. “All the providers here are committed to public health. This is our passion and life’s work. This is where we want to be,” said Dr. Ashraf.