Fahad Ashraf, DDS

Senior Dentist

Our Senior Dentist, Fahad Ashraf, has a heart for providing dental care to patients regardless of their insurance status. Nine of Dr. Ashraf’s 12 years of dentistry experience have been in public health settings like Mission East Dallas where the focus is truly on help patients rather than financial gain. He studied dentistry at the University of Maryland and completed his general practice residency with the Harvard School of Dentistry. Dr. Ashraf is also a member of the Hispanic Dental Association. 

Dr. Ashraf has lived all over the world, and North America is his third continent to call home. He also was a radio DJ in college and grad school, so you might ask him for his latest music recommendations next time you visit!

What our patients say about Dr. Ashraf

and the Dental Clinic:

“Dr. Ashraf is so friendly and professional.” – Curry P.


“Wonderful experience with the dental clinic today!” – Paula B.


Very courteous and explains every thing thoroughly where I can understand the procedures they are going to do for me. Dental clinic is very kind and considerate” – Carrie H.