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Thank you for visiting us here at Patient Forms.  These are the forms that will help with your appointment and health care services. You can bring these forms with you or email to enrollment@missioneastdallas.org or fax them to 469-453-7960

Any questions or need help:  please call 972-682-8917.

Gracias por visitarnos aquí. Estos son los formularios que le ayudarán con su cita y los servicios de atención médica. Puede traer estos formularios con usted o enviarlos por correo electrónico a enrollment@missioneastdallas.org o enviarlos un fax a 469-453-7960

Llámanos  972-682-8917

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We are nationally recognized as a patient-centered medical home, meaning our providers work together to support all of your healthcare needs. In 2018, we were also recognized nationally for our high-quality care. We are committed to providing the highest quality care and ensuring our services are accessible for all individuals, regardless of insurance status.

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Mission East Dallas is FTCA Deemed, meaning we have the necessary policies, procedures and practices in-place to offer high-quality health care services. Because Mission East Dallas has met these standards, we are granted medical malpractice liability protection with the Federal government which acts as Mission East Dallas’ primary insurer.

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