Mission East Dallas (MED) is happy to announce the expansion of the community health center to a new location, Sachse. This will allow for expanding both the dental and medical clinics and will help in the organization’s commitment to the community and  to public health. 

Dr. Fahad Ashraf, Chief Dental Officer, MED, has taken on a larger management role for the expansion, including hiring and maximizing the dental practice. Additional autonomy over the growth of the dental practice has allowed him to solve bigger problems and aid in the growth of the dental practice in the past few years. 

Dr. Ashraf received his BBA from University of Michigan, his DDS from the University of Maryland Baltimore and completed his Dental Residency at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. When he got into school, he realized the business side of health and dental care, as well as the public healthcare side of dentistry. Dr. Ashraf saw the public health side of healthcare was a natural fit to support the healthcare he understood, making it a good model for him and how he approached healthcare. 

“We’ve seen people having a higher attention to their healthcare and they understand the importance of their health,” said Ashraf. He says his focus is on maintaining the happiness of existing patients and keeping them on board with their dental health. 

Dr. Ashraf explained that when the pandemic hit, they had to adjust and close down, coming in only for emergencies for about six to eight weeks. “Once we were back to our adjusted schedule, we had to work to avoid double-booking and limiting time in the office,” explained Dr. Ashraf. “However the demand for dental care skyrocketed from that point on. Scheduling with our limited operatories became a big issue because so many people wanted to receive care.” 

As a result, the expansion plans to the new Sachse location have become even more vital in MED’s commitment to public health. Internally, MED currently has nine dental operatories, three dentists, and two hygienists. They also rely on dental students and residents who help from time to time. “We typically work with Texas A&M dental students, however we also have rotations with students from other states who want to come work for a few weeks or a month. The result is we have been able to help more people,” said Dr. Ashraf. “All the providers here are committed to public health. This is our passion and life’s work. This is where we want to be.”