Mission East Dallas (MED) is committed to the community and their mission to improve public health. With that commitment, MED is happy to announce they are expanding their community health services with the addition of a new location, Sachse. This expansion will allow for additional health support to the community and greatly help the organization in their commitment to community health. 

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Nurse Practitioner (NP), Liz Juarez, has been in healthcare for about 14 years and currently oversees the entire medical department, which includes providers, front desk staff, medical assistants, the referral department, behavioral health, and the call center. She is excited to have a direct impact on the care of so many. 

Juarez says this new location will be pediatric centered. “We’ll also have an RN and dental,” said Juarez. “The structure will be pretty similar to our first location, which has already been proven to be a success, and we’ll be able to replicate it and improve upon it as we grow.”

According to Juarez, their immediate need for the new location is staffing. “Our current focus is on hiring, recruiting, and training to ensure we continue with the same high level of standards.” Juarez also stated that this winter they are hiring a practice manager with enrollment and the call center. They are also moving to be more tech savvy. “Thanks to COVID and younger generations’ preferences, we’re seeing a shift in patients wanting to do things more online and this will make scheduling appointments and getting medical history and information easier,” she said. 

Juarez is also currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Baylor University and teaches at clinical sites out of downtown Dallas and a medical center in Plano. From her experience, she says that follow up is a huge part of patient care. “It’s all about understanding what’s happening day to day in the patient and I’m also able to support patients once discharged.” Juarez also said that working in the field allows her to have the ability to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and needs regarding community health. 

“I love teaching the staff at MED so that they are successful with patients,” said Juarez. “But it’s also about educating patients. Leading doesn’t get you anywhere; empowering does!” Juarez believes that everyone has an important part in taking care of patients at MED. 

“Come be a part of the MED family,” said Juarez. “We want to take care of your whole family, to understand the dynamics of your family and help you all navigate your health.”